French Ridge
Check-in / Check-out Procedures &
Additional Information for our Guests
  1. Parking:  Parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Please note that one space per unit has been provided.  Should you have additional cars, please be courteous to other guests.  Additional parking is available for purchase from the Town of Breckenridge.  Beware of the 2-hour and 3-hour parking limits!
  2. Snow Removal:  If it snows more than 3 inches by 9am, you are required to move your vehicle to allow for plowing the parking lot.  There is additional parking located on French and Ridge Streets.  We will do our best to plow as quickily as possible to avoid any inconvenience.
  3. Linens/Amenities:  Your unit has been stocked for the maximum occupancy level. Please check your hall closet for linens/bedding; towels not hung on bars will be beneath the vanities.  Please accept all complementary amenities located in your unit.  If any additional amenities are needed, they can be purchased at the local grocery stores in Breckenridge.
  4. Maid Service: Mid-week maid service is available for a $50 fee. Please contact the office for scheduling.
  5. Hot Tub Operation: The hot tub temperature is set at around 103 degrees. For your safety, please check the temperature before you attempt to use the spa.  Please do not allow unattended use of the hot tub by children, or adults with heart conditions.  Serious injury can result from extended exposure to the hot water, so be cautious!
  6. Fireplace:  Fireplace operation can be dangerous!  Be sure that the flue damper is in the full open position prior to lighting.  Do not use newspaper, as it can contribute to chimney fires.  Use only the fire starter provided in the units.  If you need additional fire starters, you can purchase them at the Front Desk for $1.50.  Do not attempt to empty any ashes or partially burned wood into the trash or any dumpsters.
  7. Trash Dumpster:  The dumpster is located in the center of the parking lot in the enclosure.  There is a door on the south side of the enclosure.  Please make sure that the trash is put inside the dumpster.
  8. Pets:  French Ridge has a strict no pet policy and there will be a $100/day fine enforced if the rule is broken.
  1. Check-out Time:  Check-out is by 10:00am on your stated day of departure.  Please don't delay!
  2. Trash Removal:  Please do not keep ful trash bags in the units.  A large dumpster is located above the parking lot. Please take all trash to the dumpster prior to check-out.  do not leave it in the unit.
  3. Used Linens/Bedding:  Please stack all linens and towels in a pile before your departure.  Please leave mattress pads, pillows, blankets and comforters on the beds.
  4. Dirty Dishes:  Please load and start the dishwasher with any dirty dishes upon departure.
  5. Remote Control:  Please leave the remote control on the living room table. There will a $40 charge for any remote control not left in the unit.  This fine will be strictly enforced.
  6. Questionnaire:  Please take a moment before your departure to complete the questionnaire provided you at check-in regarding your unit and stay with us.  It is our guest's comments that enable us to make your vacation and others more pleasurable.
For all after hours emergencies, call 970-409-8780
Have a Great Stay!