Owner Information

Mike & Dale's BBQ
Open by popular demand!
(BBQ shelter located in front of D Building)


The Board dedicated the new BBQ!  It’s ‘Mike and Dale’s BBQ’, in honor of Mike Jocelyn and Dale Reaves. I will say that the survival and success of French Ridge would NOT have happened without them! They have both been something to admire and respect for all their hard work and dedication to us as owners! It has been my honor and blessing working alongside them and I can only hope their strength and resolve transcends to our future. If it does, we’re headed in a very good direction for sure. 

Board of Directors / Term Expires
Dan Farley, President                         2019 
Bill Marrs, Vice President                  2018
Leon Schlabach, Treasurer               2018
Kathy Higginbotham, Secretary       2019
Dotty Reaves                                      2020
Brandon Jocelyn                                2020

Important Reminders
Check-in/out TimesCheck-in is at 4:00pm and check-out is at 10:00am.  Please be courteous to our hard working staff and follow all check-in requests.  CLICK HERE for check-in/out procedures & directions 

Telephones:  In an effort to keep your dues lower, telephones have been removed from all units. Please plan accordingly.  

Wi-Fi: Obtain login and password for free WiFi at the front desk upon check-in
Dues:  (Maintenance Fees)  Dues are billed quarterly on the 15th of the month and are due on the 1st of the following month.  Late fees will be assessed if payment is not received within 30 days of the date billed.  
  • Check Payments: Please remember to write your account number on your check.         
  • Credit Card Payments:  French Ridge accepts only Visa and Mastercard as forms of credit card payment.  Call 1-800-866-1228 to make credit card payments. 
  • Automatic Charge:  If your credit card is on file to be charged on a quarterly basis, this will be done approximately 2 weeks after the bills have been sent out.  There is no need to call if you are on "automatic charge".  Please make sure to update your expiration
  • date if your card is about to expire!

 Collection Policy: [UPDATED]    CLICK HERE 

Parking: There is only one parking space per unit, and that is on a first-come, first-served basis.  The Town of Breckenridge DOES NOT allow parking on French Street. If you need ADDITIONAL parking, contact the Town of Breckenridge at 970-547-3152 regarding parking permits and locations for any additional vehicle you may have.
RecyclingAt this time, it is not cost effective for the Association to provide recycling. If you would like to do so, you can take your items to: Breckenridge Recycling Center, 284 Coyne Valley Rd., Breckenridge. They are open 24 hrs/day and collect over 20 types of materials for free. GLASS recycling stations: Stephen C. West Ice Arena, Breck Recreation Center, Breck Grand Vacations Community Center on sidewalk S of the entrance. QUESTIONS? Call the Recycling Hotline at 970-668-5703.
Smoking Policy:  [UPDATED] There is NO SMOKING OF ANY PRODUCT allowed inside French Ridge units or within fifteen feet (15') of any doorway on any French Ridge property or common area. Smoking of any product on decks or balconies of any unit or French Ridge property is NOT allowed.  Fines will be charged to guests, owners, and guests of owners for any violation of this policy. 

Moving?: Don't forget to call and give us your new address so we may send your invoices and correspondence in timely manner. Any late fees incurred due to failure to inform us of a new address will not be waived.   
***Timeshare Scams***
Please be aware of a NEW SCAM preying on our owners:  Timeshare sales companies are out there advertising for your business to sell your timeshare week/s. Some are claiming exclusive rights with French Ridge and using numerous other ploys to get your business.  
The developer Richard Cline is NOT involved with French Ridge and any communications about sales, trades, dues or, in general, anyone asking for money is not legitimate. Alpine Meadows is your contact and anything (and I do mean ANYTHING) that sounds suspicious should be addressed by them.  We do not have a new assessment!