From the Board

Good morning owners,                                                                                                     December 2017

It’s been a slow start to our normal winter up here in Breckenridge but I’m thinking we’ll have another winter of spectacular snow’s and the most beautiful sky blues one can imagine.

There’s nothing like a cold crisp clear morning, smelling the coffee brewing mingled with the hint of fresh pine trees and the burning fireplaces throughout the county. The sight of a little wind blowing some fresh snow across the peaks and the sounds of a small city waking to the bustle of boarders and skiers and the baristas brewing travel cups with some fresh pastries………..” ……oh what a life we live………”

I love our Colorado Mountains and all that God has given us to behold and I am an ambassador for making sure we pass along the teachings of responsibility for the care and maintenance of our majestic peaks and foliage that leads us to the top of something that is truly magnificent and needs our stewardship! Please take care of them, only ones we’ll ever get!

I want to thank our board once again for another amazing year of dedication and care for our French Ridge. We had another working weekend in early November and we concentrated on the furnishings and our commitment to a fortified sales program. It’s a slow beginning but I think our end project will enhance our ownership as well as offer some safe and secure transactions for owners both buying and selling. Please take a look at our website for the latest information and the new brochure we’re hoping will enhance our property sales and rentals.

We dedicated the new BBQ! It’s ‘Mike and Dale’s BBQ’ in honor of Mike Jocelyn and Dale Reaves. I will say that the survival and success of French Ridge would NOT have happened without them! They have both been something to admire and respect for all their hard work and dedication to us as owners! It has been my honor and blessing working alongside them and I can only hope their strength and resolve transcends to our future. If it does, we’re headed in a very good direction for sure!

The year has been a busy one and Alpine Meadows has once again been stellar in keeping our owners happy and making sure our guests are taken care of during their stays. It goes without saying that everyone isn’t going to have the perfect stay and it’s a busy facility and things to slip through the cracks but without question if you have something that does go awry the staff in the office has no equal to taking care of your problems. If it’s humanly possible it’ll be taken care of.

I was up there a lot through the summer and was able to meet and talk to a whole bunch of our owners and the one thing that I observed is that if you put on a grumpy face and garner a bad attitude to confront the staff with a seemingly simple issue then please expect to be treated accordingly! TV’s go out, stoves can malfunction and what would life be without a plumbing issue or two but these are simple things and while it’s an inconvenience it’s not a catastrophe and the entire staff is affected by one persons bad day so lighten up and be civil and I PROMISE you’ll get amazing treatment to rectify your issue!

The maintenance has been progressing and things are changing and improving daily. The staff does an exceptional job trying to fix and maintain during a guests stay and the process is difficult for everyone if something does break or goes awry. They’re all great people and truly care about your vacation time being good and without question will help you in any way they can.

SCAM, SCAM, SCAM once again the internet and phones are buzzing with scum trying to bilk you of your hard earnings. PLEASE CALL the Alpine office and they will steer you correctly! I promise!

Merry Christmas and a most joyous New Year to you all!!

Dan Farley President French Ridge Home Owners Association,