From the Board

French Ridge Home Owners,                                                                                             September 2018

We’re here in God’s country and I just can’t believe how beautiful it is. This isn’t a fluke, it’s constant and the art show kaleidoscope of colors will begin again in a few weeks. It’s hard to imagine how much the colors change a spectacular view to an indescribable view. For so many years I’ve written here to you that the colors are always changing year round and amazing to me how vibrant the blue sky can be. The emerald greens of the forest that shimmers in the sun during the day and glisten with the moon beams at night. But what is always so amazing are the smells, the crispness of the air, the hint of pine and sometimes the smell of some food in the distance………..gotta love it!

There’s so much I have no clue about, so much I don’t know. But one thing I know for certain - I’m blessed!  And I am happy to tell you that you all are receiving the same blessings, only different - this will be a short letter.  

The first order of business is THANK YOU to our owners for being patient and working so hard to stay current on your dues. I feel your pain and know the financial hardship of the dues. I hope you know how much your dedication to being prompt and complete in sending your dues in means to us all but goes seemingly unappreciated. Well it isn’t and on behalf of the owners and board, I want to THANK YOU!!  

The Annual Meeting is on Saturday the 22nd and you’ve received notice of that. We changed the annual meeting two years ago because of the fire and it worked so well for others to attend, we kept the meeting in the later part of September and I for one am very pleased with this new date. We have more options for owners to attend, the area is slowing down, and the staff isn’t so rushed because of the season.      

It’s been another year now and so many things have been improved upon, so many things accomplished and we have another year of positive financial stability. I will happily say once again, NO dues increase now or for the next year…… We’re doing okay and living within the budget but the last year had us using some of the reserves for furnishings. We still contributed to the reserves but not to the level we wanted.  

The sales program is getting off the ground now and if you’ve listed your week with the office and our web site, you’ll be getting something from Kim about this. If you’d like you can be proactive with her and we’ll refresh it with the web page and you can also go over the sales arrangements with Kim to update them.

On a serious note, the notion that you can just call the office or send me a letter saying you don’t use your week anymore and want to give it back just isn’t fair! It hurts us all and I know you’ve got someone that might be interested in the unit and it’s a sure bet that we can’t afford to just take it back. Our policy has been to review any documentation you send to the Board that establishes your inability to use the week given health or extreme financial hardship. After the board reviews the documentation sent to us, we vote to accept or reject. If we accept, it’s an issue to sell. So we do require one year’s dues and closing costs which come out to about $1,400. I know this is more than the scam artists you’ve encountered but with us it’s a done deal and LEGAL!

SCAM!!          SCAM!!          SCAM!!          SCAM!!          I think that about covers the phone calls and letters you’ve been receiving. As much as I preach to you and implore you to call the office and speak to Kim, I still get letters and calls explaining how they were taken for amounts of $150 to $700. PLEASE just say NO!!

Now I can’t just go without saying how much I appreciate our board members! It’s a dream board and the reason we’ve been able to bring this organization back from the abyss. On that note, Leon Schlabach and Bill Marrs are seeking to serve another term on the board, so please send me your proxies or vote in person for them.

Alpine Meadows has finished another banner year for us and I just can’t imagine another company anywhere that would serve us anywhere as well and it’s in a large part that we’ve been successful getting our budget in order. I want to thank them all for their hard work and dedication to French Ridge.

Dan Farley President French HOA.