From the Board

June 2018

Good morning once again from the lofty peaks of Colorado 14teeners. I know I sound like a broken record but after spending nearly 6 weeks in the Carolina’s and Virginia its nice there but my pea sized brain confirmed that there really isn’t any place like home! I’m sorry if I offended any peas out there (just covering my PC quotient).

Our peaks bring so many fun things nature has to offer right to our door. The sights, sounds, smells and colors are truly amazing and while some states tout the Big Sky or say the Lone Star we have the proof here in our back yard, our very own Rocky Mountains. I’ve traveled the world and if you ask me to close my eyes and tell me the color of the sky, there’s nothing like a Colorado blue sky and that’s what I’ll describe. And that sky is filled with some amazing stars and carries a gentle breeze of smells like no other place I’ve ever been. I might be a little bias but I’ve got a lot to brag about.

Okay enough of that. The year was another banner one for us. We didn’t fund our reserves like we normally have but we didn’t use anything outside the available means to fund some new furniture and projects around the common area. We are back to the reserves this year and so far so good. You ask what that means to you, well at this point we can operate for another 3 to 4 months on our reserves and that equates to NO dues increase or assessment! That’s our good news.

Your board met again for a working weekend at French Ridge and once again the results of this board are outstanding. The weekend translates to hands on evaluations for furniture for collective thoughts on needs and selections, visual as well as hands on for construction needs and maintenance issues as well as great round table discussions for the budget. Once again our board has gone over the top for cohesive productivity and visionary expectations for the infrastructure and units that will produce some well thought out and executed results for French Ridge.

Our only issue now is the older demographics of French Ridge owners. Our disabled and ill list keeps getting in the budget process by seeking out some of these fancy CON ARTISTS and their promise to get you out of your timeshare for a small fee of course. IT’S A SCAM!! Let me say it again for those hard of hearing, IT’S A SCAM! And for those that don’t believe they have any recourse but to sign up for one of these telemarketers (BIG CLUE) and get the long sought after release of your responsibility to your time share, IT’S A SCAM!!!!!!!

I just don’t know how to say it and the damage you cause with not taking care of YOUR responsibility is major damage to French Ridge as a whole. We’re trying to make a dent with this sales program but so many are coming to me saying they’re old now just and can’t travel anymore. So let me ask did the old bug just sneak up on you and say BOO, YOU’RE OLD NOW?! I don’t think so and there are some ways to help us all out. It’s not our fault and we’re all getting older and we need to do a better job of planning with our responsibilities. You know your week here better than anyone, you’ve experienced the pleasures of our mountains, the area, the seasons and so you should try to sell it first. You have friends and family that made those memories up here also and you can give the best sales pitch ever if you try. Seems to be the American way now, “it’s not my responsibility” but it is and our generation should know better! To help you out now, time share ownership is coming back slowly and even the youngins are getting into it especially in the Summit County area and we’re one of the premiere locations.

I’m not in the financial planning business (lots of empty space between my ears...) but I have been in the exit planning strategy for a long time now and if you’re making wills, trusts and DNR’s why isn’t this a piece of your exit strategy. And I’m hoping your strategy isn’t ‘who cares about this’ because that is hurting a lot of people, including me. I know for us (yes I’m one of those hiding from the Old Boo bug) we have an exit strategy with our kids for our unit so please try to help us out with taking care of YOUR business. So first off try to sell it yourself! We have a brochure and Kim in the office will help you if you’d like. We’re trying to update our webpage list of property for sale or in some cases give away and Kim is there for that if you’ll tell her about your week. I know some of you have had it listed for a long time but just maybe you need to address your listing. Some are asking CRAZY numbers while some are offering theirs for free…… In either case maybe addressing your listing could help you out on our web page. It’s called refreshing a listing and most of us know the concept so do it here and let’s see how that works for you.

Our Annual meeting has been moved to September 22nd and we’ll keep you advised about the location and time.

Thank you very much,

Dan Farley President FRHOA and