From the Board

Seasons Greetings!

I would like to start by saying Happy Holidays to all the French Ridge owners.  I have been in this position for 10 years now and it has been a pleasure.  I thank my lucky stars for the Board members that I am privileged to serve with.  We have great Chemistry!

It’s been another grand year up here and truly a grand sight when you have the luxury of historic pictorial flash backs to our beginnings of beige and white. Our furniture was rock hard like the pillows and a couch you could neither sit on nor sleep on. But we had God’s country of Summit County to scour for new sights and wonders to physically explore. The sunrises of crisp clean air with a hint of a fireplace and some bacon cooking somewhere was a greeting you just don’t forget. Our TV’s were a whopping 24” and our kids could take off to town for the day and somehow managed to return at night. It was a kinder gentler time for sure and missed greatly and something maybe we should try again. This is just a gentle reminder to encourage everyone to put the electronics away more often and explore what’s there for the whole family. Scenery, panoramic views, historic places and great scavenger hunt ideas await you if open the doors to fun without the aid of LED. 

I’m going to forgo the usual SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, I’ll send along a reminder that Kim is in the office if you have questions or issues with a sale or purchase. You can reach her at 970-453-1226 ext. 1.

My most exciting news is that Hannah will soon be on maternity leave.  I would like to wish her and the baby my best!

The Annual meeting in September had our elections and I want to thank everyone for coming and participating. The incumbents wanted to run again, and they were reelected, so the board while established is new. Yours truly and Kathy Higginbotham are due up in September 2019, Dotty Reaves and Brandon Jocelyn are due up in September 2020 and Bill Marrs and Leon Schlabach are due up in September 2021. This board has done a remarkable job in the face of some very grave issues and they have overcome those obstacles. We’re not in a great place right now but we’re good and hopefully the future is as bright and certainly better things are coming our way. I want to thank them for all the hard work they’ve put in for all of us and I can assure you it hasn’t been easy making some of those decisions.

As always, I want to thank Alpine Meadows for their hard work in keeping us afloat and on the receiving end of valuable services at more than reasonable rates given the economic times for construction. I know that things are not always up to par, but things happen unexpectedly just as they do at your own home.  Alpine Meadows will do the best they can to get any problem resolved.  The front desk is one of the best anywhere and I promise they will help if you give them a chance instead of climbing up their chimney’s first and then asking for help. Patience please, it’s a busy time of year and one at a time will be taken care every time I promise.

Thank you,

Dan Farley, President French Ridge Homeowners Association