From the Board

March 2018

Here it is again, the dreaded news letter. Kind of like a letter from any government agency, you cringe as you open it knowing there’s something that’s going to make you go instantly crazy then damage things you cherish around you. Well…………..this isn’t one of those letters!!!

I was reading past letters I had written to you as the president and came across the one sent in March of 2010. Yes, just 8 years ago we were raising the dues by $20 and an assessment of $200 went with it. That period of time in our French Ridge history was awfully bleak. We had buildings and units literally falling apart and NO money for any repairs of substance. We had no money in the reserves, our budget was decimated and the facility was in desperate need of repair and refurbishments.

We had just settled the board down from a very tumultuous transition and through all of this, you graciously stood behind us and allowed this unknown commodity to take the reins of fiduciary responsibility and start our rebuilding process.

It’s been a slow painful process and sadly two of our most influential members, Mike and Dale have passed, but I’m very proud to say the process has been successful and we can look at the future with some accomplishments that are evident. The budget reserve is now being funded and we have a healthy reserve balance to include an operating reserve capital of 3 months plus. We have not raised those dues since that March 2010 letter and we will not have to raise them again as projected for another few years. The facility is being upgraded daily, the place shows brightly, and the vacation resort giants have us as silver and gold star ratings. Through it all there have been two mainstays; one being the ability of you as owners to believe and trust us and two has been Alpine Meadows.

There are always issues with construction and guest relations but being in the same room at the same time is daunting! We’ve had to make amends as the work is done during busy occupied times making the process slow and tenuous and in some cases the owners were asked to be patient while we tried to accommodate. I know it’s not a pleasant thought that your unit or the unit next door is getting remodeled while you’re trying to vacation but our window of opportunity is small, the availability of construction companies and some projects just require different weather or longer periods of time.

I THANK ALL OF YOU THAT ENDURED those moments and please know the front desk will absolutely accommodate your desires as much as is humanly possible!! I can’t give Hannah and the ladies at the front desk enough kudos for some of the magic they have managed to perform keeping owners and guests happy during these stressful times.

On this note, the issue of housekeeping has come up again. I have received a few complaints about the condition of the units when the owners checked in and as they were explained to me, I too would have been upset! If I could, I’d like to take a moment and paint a picture for you. The resort companies have reduced the housing benefits for the workforce of the ENTIRE Breckenridge area so the rent is higher without a pay increase. So as you can imagine, the work force is moving away from their jobs. This is creating a difficult situation for non-skilled positions as they don’t pay nearly enough to maintain a property in the high rent district, so………. The labor force is shrinking and the work load is increasing. We have come to a CRITICAL SHORTAGE of housekeeping staff. Now we’re asking the staff to do more with less people and that’s just sadly going to create an inferior job. This DOES NOT MEAN the job doesn’t get done, we just need to educate the staff on how our units are to be cleaned. So at check in, if you find something amiss, please let the office know immediately so they can address it in a timely fashion with the cleaning crews.

My honest position about this is, I know it’s upsetting and I know we shouldn’t have this but… happens. I thank those that have emailed or texted me in a calm informational manner. And for those of you that were convinced the sky is falling and we’re doomed, please lighten up; it’s an easy fix and the staff on site will take care of it for you just as fast as they can. THANKS!!


Yes it’s that time of year again. For you as owners it comes every quarter in the form of a newsletter and for some reason this part of every letter is only read by the infamous 10%. I can’t imagine someone today thinking that there are legitimate Timeshare Disposal companies out there on CraigsList or that random caller saying they would GIVE you, a complete stranger, something for free just because they like you, ……………..LOL!!

You were not duped at the time you purchased and NO you can’t just say I quit and not pay anymore! You signed your name to a contract! I know the world is a much different place now but the fact remains you PROMISED YOUR WORD with that contract and it is not a French Ridge responsibility to fix it for you. It goes without saying, we are family and we will help all we can. But your deed is just that, your deed and I DO NOT have to :..just take it back…” 

And on that note, you are responsible for your dues until the property is properly recorded with the county. You can and will be subjected to collections if you just hand your property over to a time share scam company!

It’s your property and when you bought it you made many memories with your families. So why not try to tell your family the same thing that convinced you. Let your family begin anew and make their own memories to pass on. I’m trying to let you know you can sell it but you have to try. One phone call isn’t trying and it’s your job to sell it, not ours. We have begun the process of a new sales program to assist us as an organization and for you as an owner, but keep in mind this is nothing more than a privilege! We’re trying to help you and some letters are indicating that it’s our job and we’re not doing it very good. The truth is, IT IS NOT OUR JOB, and to my knowledge, we are the only time share property thinking enough into the future to establish a sales program to assist their owners like we have.

BUMP, BANG !!! Pay no attention to this, it’s just me banging my head as I’m stepping off this soap box……

It’s OUR property and as such we all need to take an active part in maintaining it and keeping it nice for the next one that checks in or buys your week.

I thank you all and hopefully we’ll have some more great news after our working board weekend in May.


Dan Farley, President French Ridge HOA