From the Board

August 30, 2017

This is a busy letter and I had planned to dispense with our usual pleasantries but let’s rethink that!

I am sad to report that Dale Reaves has passed away and the vacancy he left on our French Ridge board has some very large foot prints to fill. Dale gave tirelessly for nearly ten years and brought to the table a dedicated mentality with a skill set that’s likely not ever going to be replaced. He provided us with some very valuable insight to our engineering and infrastructure problems and his service will be sorely missed.

We are pleased to announce that French Ridge will be adding a community BBQ area dedicated in honor of Mike Jocelyn and Dale Reaves. These two individuals were so very instrumental in our budget recovery and the likes of these two stand up guys are not likely to be seen again. The new BBQ is a covered area in the center of the complex parking area.

The dedication will be immediately following the Annual Owners meeting, Saturday September 30th. in the French Ridge parking area.     

Life is awfully short! I have spent nearly 4 decades as a first responder both as a cop and fireman and the humble experience of being a part of the ‘foxhole brotherhood’. I know exactly how a millisecond can change the destiny of our lives. So I’ll remind you all of your blessings, do not take them for granted! God, family, friends and country! It’s a sad thing the hatred and violence manifested by ignorance and intolerance throughout this generation. So when you get the chance to be with family please remember how quickly things can change and cherish those moments and maybe put down those damned electronic devices and actually look at the beauty that surrounds us all and embrace those we love because when you focus from that simple blink of an eye it could be very different. 

Our most important business at hand is the Annual Meeting that was scheduled for July 8th. We had to cancel that meeting because of a forest fire on Peak 2 that threatened the Breckenridge area and when I made the decision to cancel the meeting they were still in a Mandatory Evacuation mode for the entire city. The 20/20 hindsight vision could have had the meeting but I didn’t want additional vehicular traffic for the protection of our Firefighters and Police on the scene. 

The new meeting date is Saturday, September 30th  at 11 AM. We will be meeting

at Fatty’s Pizzeria, 106 S. Ridge St., Breckenridge 

We certainly apologize for any inconvenience. 

As a board we met for two days here at French Ridge and had very productive meetings. As a board we will be meeting again before the Annual meeting and after the meeting to elect the board positions and we’re planning another retreat in November for two days. It goes without saying our focus is constantly on the budget and facilities but things creep up making it difficult to balance the numbers but fortunately we’ve been able to fund our reserves for a few years and the hits are a whole lot less impacting on the overall budget. 

We are also trying to make some heads and tails of the sales for time shares in general, specifically for our owners. Managing 26 units is daunting and if it was just a rental property it’d be easy but that’s not the case so that seemingly simple task of managing time usage for French Ridge via Alpine Meadows is VERY complex. I could dedicate an entire letter about the intricacies of rentals for an owner, bonus time for owners, owners in default, owners that have gone to collections and so on. The property laws makes sure we’re protected but sadly it also leaves huge loopholes and that’s where the SCAM BUZZARDS come in. 

On that note I want to add something that has been an issue for us. You are the property owners! Alpine Meadows is helping us as owners try to sell or make our transactions happen. There is nothing in the by-laws, Declarations or operational guidelines that require the management company to assist with your sale, deed issues or real estate transactions in general regarding French Ridge. 

I receive numerous calls and emails regarding the sales program, how we’re not doing a good job or we aren’t giving the owner sufficient time to sell. My favorite was the owner in default for not paying dues and then calling me to complain that they weren’t getting their rental money. News flash, we can’t rent a unit unless it’s an owner in good standing because they could just show up with a check at the last second and want their unit. That’s the kind of things that happen to make this a nightmare so to be fair for everyone we are trying to help our owners with reliable information and NOT BE SCAMMED! It’s your unit and if you want to sell it no one can offer better word of mouth advertising and information than you the owner. 

Everyone is receiving calls about how you don’t have to pay dues because you were duped at the time of the purchase. Well everyone this has been given to a real estate attorney and YES you HAVE to pay your annual dues.  This is not a timeshare system of rental days that float within a hotel system, it’s your property for a specific week each year. I have tried over and over again to protect our owners from the scum trying to bilk you and you have to believe we don’t want to lose that dues income nor do we want to hear about how you gave someone you don’t know some money and the title to sell it only to find out you were scammed and yes,    YOU ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DUES UNTIL THE PROPERTY IS OFFICIALLY DEEDED TO A NEW OWNER! And a donation of the property is okay if you transfer the title and the recipient of the donation accepts that responsibility of the annual dues. 

So ladies and gentlemen as you can see this is a quagmire of intricacies that have to be aligned for a sale or rental AND that has been the board focus for the last few meetings and will be the main agenda item in November during our retreat. We’re trying to make an honest Timeshare Transaction Broker system that you can trust and possibly sell or trade your property. This won’t happen overnight so patience is a key issue for all of us. 

The dues here at French Ridge are the lowest for value anywhere and that’s a fact. We don’t have eyes on raising the dues for at least another two years and that in itself is pretty amazing considering we were on the brink of disaster 5 years ago and now we’re funding our reserves and getting ahead on our facility maintenance. 

And that’s a perfect lead into the heart felt thank you to our management company, Alpine Meadows for the job they’ve been doing for us. I want to thank our board for some pretty amazing accomplishments and I’m anxious to forge ahead into the future with them, great people. 

I have a bur under my saddle about some rude and abrupt treatment some or our owners give to the office staff. It’s not frequent but we’re not entitled and I know for a fact if you have an issue at all they will take care of you some way, somehow. Start with a smile and kind word and that goes one heck of a lot further than a caustic response. I don’t care what the issue, dues, parking, unit needs, ALL of these will be taken care of by Hannah, Kim or Destiny. We’re all in this together!  

ELECTION FOR THE BOARD Two members are being elected. The vacancy for Dale Reaves needs to be filled and Brandon Jocelyn is up for re-election. Brandon has said he’d like to be re-elected 

Thank you all very much for your patience with this lengthy letter and I promise the next one will be on track. 

 Respectfully, Dan Farley; President French Ridge Homeowners Assoc.